Finally, a social network where scrolling is good for you!

We are a community of kind and curious humans on a mission to live with Wellness Intelligence.

Welcome to
The Wellness Intelligence Collective

It's not about doing more things,
it’s about doing more of the right things.

The Wellness Intelligence Collective (TWIC) is where 
you can feel good in ALL dimensions of wellness. 

Because ... there's no better feeling than feeling your best!

I created what you asked for ... an antidote to online communities as usual.

The Wellness Intelligence Collective is a place online ... 

+ where we share solutions for every challenge +
+ that helps regulate your nervous system, not trigger it +
+ for those who are tired of wellness-washing +
+ where you can meet like-minded people and collaborators +
+ to optimize all of your efforts +
+ to realign and strategically position you and your business for growth +
+ to breathe, move, focus, sleep, wake up, flow, eat, and shop better + 

I hear you and I am here for you.

You want to feel better and create healthier habits
but things feel overwhelming or impossible.

You want connection and community, but are tired of the challenges
presented by being on popular social media platforms.

You want a place to connect with like-minded kind humans
in a judgement-free and open space.

You want to trade in “doom-scrolling” for healthy time online
that nourishes your body, mind, and soul in all eight dimensions of wellness.

I'm Lisa, your host.

I created TWIC for you, and for me too.
You will be able to change your world and the world for the better
when you show up in TWIC and for yourself.

I founded Borden Communications in 1994, and opened the doors to this
virtual community centre, The Wellness Intelligence Collective, in 2021.
This is my life's work and I look forward to sharing it with you.

I am proud to have been creating the conditions for positive change and healthy outcomes
for conscious people (and brands) for over 25 years. I have a passion for and
a dedication to making healthy futures possible with drive, intuition, energy, and community.
I am a mom of three, Empathetic Economist, eight-time published author, learner/unlearner, wannabe organic farmer, Reiki Master, chocoholic, lifeaholic, and hopeaholic.

I've learned that entrepreneurship and life are way more fun, rewarding, and successful
when you share it with others. I've spent all of these years finding my way and fine-tuning
my approach to guiding good humans to find their success and facilitating
growth and change. I look forward to you feeling the power of
The Wellness Intelligence Collective for yourself. 

Here's to saying yes!

We are better together

I offer self-guided weekly learning, live sessions, networking opportunities, courses, and online spaces that offer (but are not limited to):

Member Shopping
Lessons in Empathy Economics and exclusive member deals

Exercise Snacks
Guest trainers (and me sometimes) share Exercise Snacks to keep you flowing, moving, and staving off metabolic hibernation! If you move a lot or not at all, this will change your life.

Good Human Interviews
Get to know the insightful and inspiring stories of your fellow members who are
building better businesses, healing their bodies, finding peace, trying new things, and
living with Wellness Intelligence.

Weekly Networking
Our Wellness Intelligence Breaks offer you face time with members. We smile, laugh, get outraged, ask questions, find solutions, sample new things, and connect with each other.

You'll love spending a little quiet time here. Find your pause and keys to calm.
Intelligent self-care practices focused on stress relief, self-regulation, balance, and flow. 

Be a Mentor. Find a Mentor.
Whether you are looking for support or offering it, after an accountability partner, or interested in a focus group, I will connect you. 

The Kind Food Studio will have you feeling really good about what you're eating, on your own terms. Expect variety, nourishment, healing, and satisfaction on many levels. 

Healthy Home + Office Habits
Your environment matters. Content, courses, small tips, and easy practices to make the
places and spaces you spend most time in feel as good as possible.

Conversations in Wellness Intelligence
Open conversations with special guests, thought leaders, creative entrepreneurs, and heart-centred mentors. 

Your community in your hand ...

Our app is free to download on iOS and android and allows you to access everything TWIC offers no matter where you are in the world or in your day. Of course, TWIC is available on any of your devices or computer.

 If you’re already a member and you’re having trouble logging in, message us here.