The Wellness Intelligence Collective

For curious humans who care and are ready to feel something new.

What is The Wellness Intelligence Collective?

We are a community of discussion, development, and discovery of a new culture of wellness that is radical, regenerative, functional, efficient, fun, and transformative. We pride ourselves on being giving, trusting, safe, stabilizing, enthusiastic, and authentic. We’re not about “status quo”, we’re about Wellness Intelligence. The Wellness Intelligence Collective has been designed to offer you a distraction-free space that is easy to use, and one that brings you joy. You will experience everything free of advertising or any other distraction – there are no addiction maximizing feeds, and it’s a doom-scrolling-free space. 

Join us and you’ll start moving, sleeping, breathing, eating, and living better!

The Wellness Intelligence Collective is hosted by Lisa Borden and Megan Khosroshahi (the Borden Communications team).

Why join our private virtual community?

This is the best deal in wellness. Through The Wellness Intelligence Collective, we create the conditions for you to feel good in all eight dimensions of wellness … physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, environmental, and financial. And, we don’t make it about doing more things, it’s just about doing more of the right things.

1/ There is no charge. No strings attached. If you are a real human who cares, we want you here.

2/ Gain access to exclusive virtual conversations, our fitness studios, learning labs, live clinics, shopping lists (all based on Empathy Economics) … and more (schedule posted here).

3/ Meet other good humans who “get it”.

4/ You get to make all decisions about what information you would like to put into your brain … and body and soul.

5/ The platform is easy and fun to use … really!*

*please give yourself a few days to figure out how to navigate this peaceful new platform … it is really simple once you know your way around.

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